About Us

Jason and Amber

We typically work together on every photo shoot. We are a team. We specialize in, but are not limited to, portrait, fashion, and editorial photography. Our services are offered in Akron, Cleveland, and the surrounding areas. 

Jason enjoys shooting and editing beauty and glamour photography and has over 20 years experience editing and retouching photos using industry leading tools. He began photographing in his youth on 35mm film and fondly recalls his days in a dark room developing his photos. His favorite courses in school were computers and media productions where he learned the fundamentals of photography, videography, and editing. Today these are still his favorite subjects!

Passion. Vision. Impact.

These are the core tenets behind every image that we capture. 


We love photography and the way it can evoke such strong emotions both for the viewer and photographer alike.


Thinking creatively brings a fresh perspective to each image.


We want your images to immerse you in the moment. Our photos stand out by melding techniques from multiple genres of photography such as fashion, beauty, and glamour.


We look forward to working with you!

Feel free to reach us via our contact page or call (440) 864-4937.